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Upgrading to VPS from Shared Reseller  

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Hello everyone,

I am back looking for advice/guidance again. Last year, I was on the hunt for a new reseller host (thread), and now I am on the hunt for a VPS provider. I ended up staying with SurpassHosting and paid $35/month for their r.SSD1 package and $10/month WHMCS license.

In the past year, I've picked up more clients and I've noticed a significant change in site load time ever since I switched to the new plan with SurpassHosting and they've tried addressing it for what it's worth but I think it's time to jump to a VPS. All the websites hosted on my resellers are either Wordpress or HTML websites so I would like to favor features/specs that make Wordpress more efficient. SurpassHosting provides VPS through their sister company HostDime which charges $134/month for the most basic VPS but that is a bit out of my budget considering the limited specs too. Based on my current spending of about $45/month (which has $10/month for a WHMCS license), I'd be willing to increase the budget to about $65-70/month all in if needed.

I've been looking at BlueHost, Siteground, A2Hosting and InMotion predominantly but I am open other suggestions. I've been looking through some of the providers that are active on this forum as well.

Bare Requirements:
- 50-60GB SSD space
- 5TB bandwidth
- 4GB RAM (Based on some research, I'm assuming 256-512MB per Wordpress site plus some wiggle room should suffice for now)
- Managed (I do not know much about server management but I know enough about IT/hosting to understand and learn it. Down the road I can consider going self-managed if it is not a big burden.)
- DDOS protection (this looks like a standard feature nowadays)
- cPanel/WHM
- Good support/Quality product
- US based

1. During my research I've seen reseller VPS, cloud VPS, Wordpress VPS, and more. Is the technology or resources behind each of those different OR is it just based on how a host markets their product?
2. Are there any major differences I need to be aware of by jumping to a VPS? I know it won't be a shared environment per se and I will have dedicated resources.
3. Should I be adding other factors into my requirements?

Thank you!

Topic starter Posted : 26/03/2020 12:29 am