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What kinds of WordPress Hosting available ?  

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Since WordPress is such a commonly used CMS you’ll find a variety of different WordPress hosting services with various hosting types and server configurations that cater to WordPress sites. From your basic shared host all the way up to managed and dedicated hosting environments.

Below you’ll learn about the key differences between the various WordPress hosting types available, so you have a better idea of the WordPress hosting type that’ll be the best fit for your website.


Free WordPress Hosting

If you want free hosting for your WordPress site, then you’ll have to go through Note that if you choose this option your domain name will include the extension, so ‘’. Although you won’t have the prettiest or most brandable domain name, you can have your site up in a matter of minutes.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to running your own site on a dedicated domain, then using this hosting option can be a great first step. The downside to this approach is that you don’t have your own dedicated domain name and there will be limits to what you can do with your site. Having your own branded domain name means that you can brand yourself under your own domain name and have things like a domain-specific email address, rather than just having a site on a subdomain of

Posted : 04/03/2020 7:07 am
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Shared WordPress Web Hosting

Most website owners end up starting with a hosting service such as shared hosting. Typically it’s one of the cheapest options and offers a ton of resources to help beginners get started online. Using a shared host means that your site will be on the same server that hosts hundreds of other sites, so you’ll be sharing the same server resources, but it also helps to bring individual costs down.

Shared hosting is a great option as it’s very affordable and will usually run you anywhere from $5-$7 per month. Plus, you get access to some pretty powerful and useful hosting features. Shared plans are typically sold with ‘unlimited’ bandwidth and storage. Typically this is a misdirection because the performance bottleneck you’ll experience has to deal with processing power and not your bandwidth or storage.

Now a shared server will provide you with enough processing power so your site can handle thousands of visitors a day without too big of a dip in performance. But, as your site grows and has a lot of visitors visiting the site concurrently, you’ll want to upgrade your plan to either a VPS, dedicated server, or other managed solution. When you’re choosing a shared host make sure to choose one that allows you to upgrade your service, as this will usually be easier than migrating your entire site to a new server.

Your shared host will provide you with a web-based interface like cPanel, so you can easily manage your server environment. Plus, you’ll be able to do things like create domain-specific email addresses, setup databases, and easily install WordPress on your site via software like one-click install or Softaculous.

Installing WordPress the manual way isn’t too difficult either, but by using one-click installers you can have WordPress up and running on your site in a matter of minutes. These installers handle every aspect of the installation process including setting file permissions, so all future WordPress core, theme, and plugins updates can happen seamlessly all within your WordPress dashboard.

Posted : 04/03/2020 7:09 am
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VPS WordPress Hosting

A VPS is a great in-between solution for sites that might have outgrown a shared server, but aren’t quite big enough that they need their own dedicated server. A VPS server is still technically a shared server, but it operates similarly to a dedicated server environment.

VPS servers utilize machine virtualization so that your server environment is running in isolation from other sites on the server. This style of server will typically have fewer sites utilizing the same physical server and you’ll have more direct server access than a shared hosting account will provide.

There are some benefits to using a VPS setup, over something like a shared hosting setup. For starters, you’ll have much more control over your server environment and you’ll have more server configuration options. A VPS will be more expensive than a shared hosting plan, but with that price increase, you’ll have much more server power and overall flexibility at your disposal. But, there are cheaper VPS options available. Finally, your VPS server will operate in an isolated server environment, so you’ll have improved security overall.

Your VPS will typically come equipped with a control panel like WHM, which will make server management and configuration much easier.

However, a VPS server isn’t perfect. Although you have more control over server settings you don’t have complete freedom and you’ll still run into hardware limitations. But, unless you require a very specific server setup it’ll probably be enough. Also, since a VPS requires more detailed server setup and configuration you’ll need to have the technical skills to maintain your own server. Your hosting support team might be able to help you with certain issues, but the overall maintenance will fall on your shoulders.

Posted : 04/03/2020 7:10 am
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Managed WordPress Hosting

If your site continues to grow both in terms of size and levels of traffic, but you don’t have the capacity, time, or skills to manage your own server environment, then managed WordPress hosting can be the perfect solution for you. Managed WordPress hosting is available for dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting plans.

Managed hosting can be a great fit if you don’t have the skills to effectively manage and optimize your server environment, or are short on time and want to put all of your effort on your site’s growth, and you can justify the added expense of hosting.

With managed hosting, you’re not only paying for the server space, but you’re paying for the support and maintenance team that’s fully behind your site’s success. Depending on the managed host you choose you’ll have access to different levels of support, but you’ll typically find the following included in your plan:

  • Software installations and automatic upgrades
  • Site troubleshooting and routine maintenance
  • Server hardware repairs and regular server monitoring
  • Fast load time of pages
  • Higher level security features along with regular monitoring and bug fixes

One of the biggest reasons to consider a managed WordPress host is the ability to have your problems handled swiftly and effectively. The dedicated team behind you will have in-depth knowledge of WordPress and your server environment, so your site can overcome issues rather swiftly.

When your website is down you’re losing money and turning off users who visit your site. In this regard using a managed WordPress host can actually end up saving you money, or paying itself off over the course of the year. This is especially true considering the additional cost of a full-time technology expert to needed to maintain and optimize your server environment.

Posted : 04/03/2020 7:12 am
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Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the top of the heap when it comes to hosting and the logical next step for those who want complete control over their server environment. If your site ends up being a huge success, then you’ll ultimately want to upgrade to a dedicated server. However, a VPS solution will typically be enough for 98% of all websites.

A dedicated server offers you an entire physical server hosted with your provider of choice. This will give you complete access to your server’s disk space, processing power, memory, bandwidth, and more. Plus, you’ll have complete control over your server’s security.

The biggest difference between shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting is that with a dedicated host you have complete control over your server environment while having all of its resources at your disposal.

Typically, if you require this level of hosting you’ll either have the skills to manage your own server or will be able to hire out the service. Most dedicated server providers will also offer a managed solution, which will take the burden away from managing and keeping your server up to date.

Dedicated hosting is suited towards larger sites are larger and receive a high volume of traffic. But, with the much-improved performance, you will be paying higher costs, and you’ll need a decent amount of technical knowledge to fully take advantage of the server resources you have available.

Posted : 04/03/2020 7:15 am