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Could automatic WordPress software updates potentially break the site ?

  • Some customers will be concerned about automatically updating WordPress software to the latest version because it might break some of their custom code or plugins that haven’t updated their code. If this is a real concern, they need to be on Web Hosting so they can manual update the software when they are ready.
  • To avoid compatibility issues, customers should only use very popular plugins with good reviews that get updated frequently with WordPress core. Some plugin developers do not actively manage their plugins. Also, they need to keep their plugins up to date.

Sub Concern: I want to use a plugin that is blacklisted.

  • Many plugins that are blacklisted are only blacklisted for specific older versions and newer versions are good to go. In addition if the plugin is completely blacklisted it’s typically done so because the feature it is providing is already part of our Managed WordPress platform such as caching or backups.
  • And you can always go over the list with a Vault article with the customer here

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