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Do you want a VPS hosting or dedicated hosting ?

Normally VPS hosting is OK for most of websites, but you can also use a dedicated web hosting service if you answer yes to any of following questions:

  • Do need more than 240GB of disk space?
  • Are you looking to run software that requires multiple CPU cores such as paid versions of SQL Server?
  • Do you need more than 8GB of RAM?
  • Is reliability and stability so important that you want to pay more to ensure they have no neighbors?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you will want to be on a dedicated server.

If you did not answer yes to any of these and the are not sure if you need a dedicated server, you will likely need a VPS.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting
VPS and Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is where multiple websites use the same server, but have their own set resource limits on things like RAM and bandwidth. It also uses what’s known as a hypervisor (specialist software) to borrow resources from the other sites on the server if you’re maxed out and others aren’t using their full allocation.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized server, hosted on portion of a physical dedicated server. A VPS acts as a fully dedicated server, with it’s own operating system, storage, memory and bandwidth. This means that a VPS can act like a dedicated server, at a lower cost than a dedicated server.

Generally, VPS hosting is suited to small business websites, or large personal sites that need decent resource limits. No one wants the pain of slow loading speeds on their site, or worse still, to have their site constantly crashing. That’s why VPS hosting works well – it’s flexible in handling surges of traffic, and isn’t too expensive.

Advantages of VPS hosting

VPS hosting is the perfect balance of price, performance, security, affordability, and privacy. Some of the amazing benefits you will get by using the services are;

  1. Shared cost of services
  2. Quick server setup
  3. Better server access with more control
  4. Private contained environment
  5. Similar level of services as with a dedicated server
  6. Scalability for better long term use

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the big cheese of the web hosting space. You don’t simply get a slice of stilton or a chunk of cheddar – you get the whole wheel of wensleydale. In essence, you have an entire server to yourself. You’re in total control from the get-go, and can choose your own resource limits. Dedicated hosting tends to be for medium to big business sites, but if you’re ambitious, you can save time and hassle in the long-run by signing up to a dedicated plan (safe in the knowledge your site will grow to that level).

Making that call isn’t easy, though. Many may find themselves caught in two minds over which type of hosting to go for – in which case, allow us to help! We’ve spent our fair share of time online, and know out stuff about website hosting.

Through a series of analogies, we’ll help you break down the differences between VPS and dedicated hosting. By the end of this guide, there should be little doubt in your mind over which hosting plan to go for.


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