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What is advantages and disadvantages of cheap web hosting ?

Cheap web hosting advantages :

  1. cheap web hosting means cheap and reliable
  2. use the services only you want and can be upgrade easily
  3. low budget and perfect for new-comers
  4. a lot of hosting features included
  5. good to register more cheap hosting accounts for SEO services
  6. free Emails and Databases
  7. WordPress application supported and even Joomla, Drupal and more
  8. great uptime
  9. great page loading speed
  10. PowerHoster provide over 125+ One-Click Install Applications
  11. good customer support
  12. ease of signup: pretty easy signup process

Cheap Web Hosting Disadvantages :

  1. you often get what you pay for
  2. no free domain
  3. no free SSL
  4. tons of upsells
  5. one year contract
  6. renewal rates are higher but not for PowerHoster ( we keep our purchase and renewal fee the same )
  7. bad neighbor will make your SEO rank down

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