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What is cheap web hosting

Cheap web hosting is shared web hosting and reliable web hosting and normally cost $2 – $10 USD. Cheap web hosting is normally in shared IP address normally host more than one hundred websites. Cheap web hosting must be reliable web hosting and the web hosting provider normally provide the webmaster cpanel, or plesk control panel to manage their websites. The webmaster can manage Files, images, database, seo and marketing tools, domain parking, domain alias, and domain addon, email, security, software and some application.

Normally cheap web hosting is perfect for personnel blog, and small business owners. Some SEO guys may buy a lot of cheap web hosting in different servers to do their money website promotion. If you need cheap hosting, shared hosting is the best bet. Check that the resource limits suit your site, and compare the uptime guarantee between several hosts to see which one is likely to offer better service. Cheap hosts sometimes don’t offer the best support, so check that the tech team is available to help you 24/7 if you need it.

Cheap web hosting is normally works perfectly for small websites and you do not need worry about it. If there are some outrage of the servers, the admin of the server will get an email and tell them which user exhaust the resources and they will suspend that website.

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