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Who can use our server hosting services

  • Web Developer – As you create websites for your customers, I’m sure that access and control are important to you. With a dedicated server, you have admin/root access, and full admin control over your database server.
  • Coder/Application Developer – With a dedicated server, you have your own playground to build or experiment with the latest and greatest languages as they become available.
  • Full Control  Your Websites – With a server, you will have full control over what is installed. You can choose which software gets installed or uninstalled, and choose which version you want to run. This is something that our shared environments don’t offer.
  • Web Pro –  With a server, Web Pros can create a separate, autonomous cPanel for every client they have. This will allow them to keep all the sites separate, suspend those clients who don’t pay you, and be able to install a unique SSL certificate on each client’s site.
  • Choice of Operating System –  With a server, you can choose which operating system you use. For Linux, you can choose from 9 different operating systems, while on Windows you can choose between Windows server 2009 and 2012.

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