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The SSL certificate: definition, benefits and more

Secure Sockets Layer is the SSL full form. An SSL certificate increases the security of your own website and also has a positive effect on search engine optimization. SSL certificates are actually a must-have for any website these days. A valid certificate confirms that one page is secure and trustworthy. In addition, a valid SSL certificate leads to a significantly better Google ranking. Because: Like many other search engines, the Internet giant pays attention to the security of the listed websites and therefore an SSL certificate is a bonus.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificaat is a certificate that confirms that a website is really what it seems to pretend. To apply for an SSL certificate, the webmaster must provide any personal details that are stored at the certification authority. You are required to obtain the certificate. In addition, an SSL certificate also states that the transfer of personal data, for example during registration or purchase, is encrypted. It is almost impossible for unauthorized third parties to influence the data transfer or gain access to the data.

SSL Certificates are now considered standard on the Internet and should be present on any legitimate website. Websites secured by an SSL certificate can be recognized by a small lock (often followed by the words Secure or Secure) next to the address bar in the browser. In addition, websites secured with an SSL certificate use https: // proceeded by the usual HTTP: // in the URL. For example By clicking on the lock in the address bar, it is possible to obtain exact information about the certificate, such as validity, etc. An SSL certificate price is inexpensive.

What are the advantages of SSL certification?

SSL certificates close security holes: SSL certificates not only increase the confidence in the website and show that a website is really what it pretends to be. An SSL certificate also helps to close security holes. A certificate makes it possible, for example, to encrypt data between server and user. Even the access of unauthorized persons to the website or manipulation is significantly more complicated by an SSL certificate.

More confidence and security for website visitors: An SSL certificate does not just stand for a secure website, which is really what it claims to be. It also stands for the secure transmission of the data transmitted to the website or the server. An SSL certificate contributes so significantly to increase the trust of users and the security of a website. This is especially important as people are now much more cautious and safety-conscious on the Internet. An SSL certificate is therefore standard and stands for a safe, serious and professional website. The investment in the certificate is therefore worthwhile in any case. Many web hosts even offer their customers an SSL certificate for free. In this case, you only have to set up and implement this on your web server.

SSL certificates support search engine optimization: SSL certificates also play an important role in search engine optimization. Google and other search engines are very concerned about security and want websites to really be what they claim to be. In addition, SSL certificates are now considered the standard of any good website. If an SSL certificate is missing, this has a negative effect on search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google penalize websites without an appropriate certificate and list them worse. From an SEO point of view, it is always worthwhile to obtain an SSL certificate for your own website.

Which SSL certificate is the right one?

SSL certificates come in many different ways and in different variants. For example, many web hosts offer their customers a simple SSL certificate for their domain, free of charge. In addition, there are also numerous certification authorities where you can individually apply for an SSL certificate. For this reason, it is worth comparing different SSL certificates, as there are also differences in the costs.

In addition, it is important to look for which SSL certificate you need. The certificates are usually only valid for a single domain or subdomain. If you want to secure several domains and sub-domains via an SSL certificate, you need either several certificates or you have to opt for a so-called wildcard certificate, which also protects all sub-domains in addition to the main domain.

Important when choosing an SSL certificate is also the validity. There is usually the option to choose between one and three years. The possibilities offered to depend on the CA, i.e. the certification authority. As a rule, the customer receives a discount compared to the usual annual price when choosing a longer-term. However, longer runtimes are only worthwhile if it is certain that the website will continue to run with the same URL as long as a once issued SSL certificate cannot be changed.

The benefits of short-lived SSL certificates:

Short-term certificates are increasingly enforced to reduce the amount of compromised data when server vulnerability is discovered, such as HeartBleed. A good safety practice requires changing keys regularly, usually once a year. If you want to limit the risk further, you replace certificates and the underlying keys more frequently.

GlobalSign strives to provide its customers with customized security solutions. A typical example is, which uses short-lived wildcard SSL certificates for its customers. GlobalSign works with Sandstorm to provide flexible-term certificates, to automatically issue APIs, and to provide an appropriate licensing approach. As a result, a cost-effective solution is possible to ensure security even with a constantly changing user base. For Sandstorm, it was important to have a certification authority that would provide its clients with individual and specialized solutions.

Every Sandstorm user needs an SSL certificate to protect their data. For this, Sandstorm, in collaboration with GlobalSign, has developed a method that allows each of its users to secure themselves using HTTPS.

Summary: An SSL certificate increases the security of your own website and also has a positive effect on search engine optimization. Also, for this reason, an SSL certificate is valid today for every good and reputable website as standard. The certificates are issued in different variants and by different certification authorities. They are valid and must be renewed at regular intervals.