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Can I buy a domain name if I don’t have a hosting provider?

Yes. You can register domain names before you find a hosting provider, and, in fact, you are not required to host a domain name.

A website is a separate thing from a domain name. When you register a domain, you merely get the right to associate it with your website. In the brick and mortar world, a domain name is just like your house address. A web space is something like your house. If you only have a domain name, your body and your furniture have no place to stand. When you only have a web space but no domain name, nobody can find you.  So you need both domain name and web space.

When visitors enter your domain name into a Web browser, the browser request uses your domain name to find the domain name’s associated IP address and, therefore, the website. People use domain names instead of IP addresses because it is easier to remember a name rather than a series of numbers.

Your domain name and its associated IP address are stored in a common database along with every other domain and associated IP address that are accessible via the Internet.

Domain name and web space can be in different internet provider. Normally when you register your domain name with us, we will automatically park it. A temporary, parked page displays when visitors type the domain name into their browser’s address bar. The parked page indicates you are reserving the site. You can  find your web hosting provider while you have reserved your domain name.

To reserve a domain name, you simply have to register it the normal way.

Normally your domain register will provide you default name servers and your free parking pages. You just register your domain name and your domain will be online.

Domain Invest

Actually a lot of domains are just registered for selling. There are many different ways to buy and sell domain names. Many standard domain registrars, such as, will facilitate sales via auction. Meanwhile, specialized websites, such as Sedo, are designed exclusively to buy and sell domain names. Finally, parking domains with a for sale page is a great way to draw targeted interest from potential buyers.

How to buy and sell a good domain name ?

Building a high-quality domain portfolio can take months or years to accomplish. Often, the key is looking forward to what domains may become popular in the future and hedging through numbers by purchasing hundreds of domains. Others choose to purchase a few already high profile domains and sit on them hoping that they appreciate in value.

  1. Geographic Names –  Names of cities or countries, including up-and-coming locations, can be great investments over time that can be sold to web developers looking to build out community portals or other businesses centered on those communities.
  2. Business Names –  Generic business names, such as dentist or chiropractor, can be great investments when combined with geographic names.
  3. Timely Names –Timely names can be great investments when combined with events occurring in that year, such as
  4.,  – these domain names are liked by Chinese business owners because chinese can pronounce number very easily.
  5. Keywordskeywords such as business, sports, baidu, and alibaba can earn you a lot of money.

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