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Tips to Pick a Great Domain Name

Domain names like make it easy for potential customers to find you on the Internet.
It maps out a human-readable word or phrase (say, to a computer readable Internet address (called IP address) allowing your clients and visitors to view and use your website, shopping cart, and communicate with you via email.
Everyone can get a domain name. While some domain types have certain conditions (.CA domains require you to be a Canadian, for example) most can be reserved by paying the corresponding registration fees, on a first-come-first-served basis.
You can register most domains for up to 10 years, and then may renew them at any given time, at their then current renewal rate. To register your own domain name, simply complete a search and registration form on this very page.
1. Include your brand in your domain. It will help make your domain memorable, while keeping it simple and clear.
2.Make it intuitive and descriptive by clearly reflecting what your business is all about, and by making it easy to type. You can do this by including useful keywords that people use when searching for websites such as yours.
3.Aim for the .CA and .COM first. If you’re doing business in Canada, the .CA extension resonates better with Canadian shoppers, while .COM is the most popular option worldwide. We recommend you attempt to secure both of these, if available.
4.Keep it Short, But Not Too Short. Long names can be hard to remember and provide more chances of being misspelled. Aim for less than 20 characters, but avoid using abbreviations or slang that make your domain harder to spell.
5.Consider a Bilingual Domain, or 2 Domains if you serve clients in both French and English. Separating your website over 2 domains based on language can improve your visitors’ overall experience.
6.Get Creative with Domain Extensions, such as .art, .ninja, .guru, .tech and 400+ other variations. You’ll notice that the domain availability increase dramatically when you search beyond the traditional domain extensions.
7.Make it Easy to Pronounce by avoiding hyphens, slang or numbers. If you do use numbers, consider registering both the number and the word versions of your domain, for example and
8.Fashion It for Local Searches by adding in the city, region or province. This will help people know right away what area you serve and could increase relevance.
9.Avoid using another company’s trademarks or you could end up having to give up your domain name and start the process over again or worse, having a legal battle with a much larger corporation.
10.Protect Your Brand by registering your domain in all the popular extensions, possible misspellings, common alternative spellings and French variants.
11. Consider SEO – If good can find your website easily, you are easy to earn money.
12. Consider .biz, .co, and .blog – they can be used for protect your brand and build up websites to your main website for SEO purpose.

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