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Calculate Value of Your Domain Name

The cost of domains can vary anywhere from some dollars to figures in the 6 or 7 digits. In a number of methods, it’s like the property or real estate marketplace of the internet; those who can see an exceptional chance can buy a domain name that will ultimately be very useful to the correct purchaser. However, calculating the actual cost of a specific domain name is a bit challenging task to do.  There are studies all the time regarding some company that are ready to spend approximately $200,000 to get a domain name that is greatly related to their industry, but the question is how was that amount reached? And what makes it valuable that higher first investment when the costs of domain’s renewal will be 15 USD per year?

Finally, a domain name is valuable and expensive enough whatever a purchaser is ready to pay to get it. Deciding this cost is an art form unto itself, along with loads of contributing aspects comprising demographics, trends, language, and length. Well, there is not just a one way of determining a best asking price, plus it takes loads of trials and mistakes to get best of it. Now, let’s have a look at some of the real and tried techniques for evaluating a domain name in your range.

  1. Research on current sales of domains

Actually, the most ideal method to get begun in the planet of domain-name sales is to get used to it. Seek the latest and current sales and check what sorts of domain names are being bought and for what price. Plenty of sites frequently updates the report related to the sales of domain name to prove how much domains have sold lately at various best domain services. It is very important to consider your domain name and see how it evaluates to the mentioned sales. Keep an eye on similar keywords, length of the keywords as well as other relevant aspects to shortlist a price range that your domain name would possibly fit in.

Here, the most important note is that just a small amount of domain name sales get reported, hence those are absolutely not an inclusive list, but still there are plenty of domain names to watch that will assist you to better know how much different sorts of domain names have been sold for successfully.

  1. Use evaluation Services

A good domain name evaluation service will let you type your domain name and check what they advise your asking rate should be.Well, appraisals like these are evaluated automatically depending on the SEO related aspects such as keywords, cost per click, monthly searches, Alexa rank, and the number of searches. Although these are significant, there are also a number of significant aspects to think about that can’t be evaluated by algorithms. But this doesn’t mean that your journey ends here, however it can be one more helpful step to reach at an imprecise array for your domain. As estimates can differ from one service to another service, receive estimates from many different sources. A few common and famous places to check the estimates are URL Appraisal and WebsiteOutlook.

Signs You own a Sellable Domain

As soon as you are done with your research process and examined all of the latest sales of domain names, now it’s time to have a look at your domain-name and determine whether these are buyers who really wish to purchase it.

Short Length

Well, short length domain names are hard to come across, hence the short your domain name is, the maximum its asking value can be.

Good Top-Level Domain

Although there are plenty of wonderful domain name extensions available in market to finish your domain with, the majority of people have set their eyes on dot com only. It’s surely possible to sell or trade a domain name with an optional TLD; however you will obtain a much bigger amount of when it’s a dot com. In a number of instances, a local TLD such as .uk or .ca demand higher prices, however it will be tough to get as the pool of future customers will be considerably smaller.

Correct Spelling

If you require higher value for your domain name, then it should be properly spelled. Nobody is about to have their eyes set on The same thing can be said concerning employing 4 in place of four, u in place of you or some other variations in spelling. That is not to mention that you cannot sell swap spellings in any way, just that the asking-rate will be lesser.

Clears the Radio Test

Actually, domain names were made for making it easier for people for accessing sites, thus it’s vital that your domain is easy to understand. Also keep in mind that domain name sounds great. Make sure that people know how to spell your domain name after heading it. It should be easy to memorize. Any uncertainty in name will impact your domain name in a negative way.

Meaningful Keywords

Diligent keywords will boost the price of your domain name. In fact, there has to be a balance, although it doesn’t mean that more keywords can get you more money. People will not wish to have as much as they want Here is how you can calculate the value in your domain’s keywords with the use of free Google tools.

Keyword Planner from Google AdWords

With the use of Keyword Planner tool of Google AdWords, you can see how famous your keywords are plus how much marketers are paying to receive a huge traffic. You need to create your account on AdWords in case you don’t have and then go to the section namely Keywords Planner. In that section you will get to see your keywords with other important information.

The major things to see are Suggested Bid (cost-per-click), Competition and Average Monthly Searches. A highly sought after domain will have loads of searches, a costly suggested bid and high competition.

If people are spending a lot of their money already to gain more traffic along with the keywords that are included in your domain, then it’s expected that they’ll spends loads of money as well to get your domain name. For example, while making use of, struggle may be less; however there are some good suggested bids as well as a good number of monthly searches for keyword. Well, these figures show that a number of people are looking for this phrase and promoters are dedicating a considerable budget towards grabbing this traffic, thus the domain name will be capable to have a considerable asking price.

Google Trends

It will assist to decide whether interest in your target keyword is falling or rising, and compare how it pile up against similar terms or keywords. First of all, type your keyword and see the fallouts. In that case, our keyword or terms has stayed rather the same from past twelve years, thus charging a best that benefits from on an increasing trend isn’t a choice. To calculate fame, you need to type your search phrase and some comparative terms for checking how your domain name agrees with. This evaluation will provide you a great sense of how famous your domain name is. Although, here we can observe that “sports doctor” is notably less in fame as compared to “sports medicine,” since it’s more famous as compared to a more focused term such as “sports physiotherapist.” Finding out the appropriate related keywords will aid you to know your keyword suits in its forte and how much of a best your domain name can get for that reason.

Has Been Around a little bit

An old domain has had an extended time to be listed and ranked by the search engine, which make it great for search engine organization compared to a recently-registered domain name. Also, you’re expectedly more connected to a domain name you have had for nearly 11 years compared to one that you have had for almost 11 days. Both of these domains can be useful as control at the time of negotiations.

Already produces Traffic

A domain name that presently obtain traffic in very helpful in increasing its worth. You’ll be losing whatever profit your website produces from signups, ads or other types of monetization, and thus separating with your domain name will require being more useful compared to whatever you’ll be losing. In addition, pre-existing traffic to website will assist the latest domain name owner with discoverability. Because people are going to the domain name already, there’s a clear worth in getting a domain that has a visitors packed with it.


A best and right domain name requires sounding great. Well, you can have highly looked for keywords into your domain name, however if it seems discomfited, then you will have a tough time to find out a purchaser. New firms have been famous to name themselves depending on accessible domain names in place of spending whatever cost needed to get their first option.

In this logic, you don’t require worrying about having higher ranked keywords. Actually, you can also have a domain-name that is created up word. In case it sounds good for you and it would be compatible to a certainly idea, business, or industry, then a domain name with wonderful brand-ability can impact its worth too.

Think Art, Not Science

In case you are seeking a preset method to evaluate exactly what your domain name is worth then, sadly you are unlucky. Well, appraisal services can spit out a number depending on an intricate set of criterion, however there is much more to a domain compared to the search rankings and algorithms. A domain name present in the broader context of the offline and online worlds, and all of their nuances, intricacies and complexities will play a vital role in part in how much worth or interest there’ll be within your domain name. If you really wish to figure out and determine the value of a domain name, you finally need to know who your future customers are and what they want. It is equally important to know what industry your future customers belong to? Get to know whether a site is significant for their company? Also, you will get to understand how related your domain name is? A domain name is only as precious as a person is eager to pay for it, thus understanding what relevant domain names are priced at, how adored your domain name is, and how much to sensibly anticipate a purchaser to pay will aid you to reach at the suitable number. All these things we have mentioned in this tutorial are quite significant and they will let you to evaluate the real value of your domain name.

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