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Ten Reasons Why You Should Register Multiple Domain Names ?

Why You Should Register More Than One Domain Names ?

Why You Should Register More Than One Domain Names ?

When a lot of businesses make the decision to go online they search for a domain name that reflects their business name, usually stopping at registering only one. In many instances this could be a costly mistake considering the low cost associated with domain name registration. Instead businesses should consider obtaining  a variety of domain names for their company.

If you’re thinking about registering more than one domain name, you’ve got the right idea. Registering and using multiple domains names is great for building your business, protecting your brand name, and creating a dynamic online identity.

When you register multiple domain names, you can:

  • Keep your competition from registering a similar domain name drawing customers to them instead of you
  • Promote the different products and services you offer
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Enjoy more opportunities to market to — and be listed in — search engines
  • Create distinct advertising strategies reaching different target markets
  • Provide customers more ways to find you when searching the Internet
  • Capture common misspellings of your domain name, instead of sending visitors to an error page
  • Protect your brand and online identity

There are a number of reasons for registering more than one domain name, mainly focused around future growth, enhancing online identity and allowing more access points to your online presence. Furthermore you will also by protecting your company from competitor hijackings that can restrict your online activity.

 Benefits for registering more than one domain name:

  1. For Business Extension: You may start your business locally, however, over the years your direction may move to a more global field. Should you start branching into international markets it will be important to have country specific domains. It is best to do this as country specific search engines will rank country specific domains, such as .us, .se,,, .ca higher than a standard .com, .net, .org domain name.
    1.  People may buy your business domain names in their specific country to ask you to buy them back. They can ask any prices they want. Or they will make your business worse and worse in their country. They can also sell products in your name;
    2. People may also want to buy a similar domain name as your business. If you do not have trademark, they can do it. The domain registry can do nothing to protect you.
    3. People can also register a wrongly spelled domains like gogle, goooole,gloole, and other kinds of wrongly spelled domain names;
    4. For specific countries or specific geographical areas, you need register specific domain names. If you want to promote your products in Canada, you do better register .ca domain names; if you want to sell your products in China, you do better register a .cn domain names such,,, …
  2. Free Traffic of Misspelling: It is common practice to ensure you add keywords with misspellings when you select keywords for a pay per click campaign so why not do the same for your domain names. This will help potential customers find your business online. Allowing for misspellings of the name will mean you can direct users who misspell your business name to the right destination instead of sending users to an error page or even worse a competitors page.
  3. Special Offers and Coupons: Having various domains registered can enable a business to promote various products and services via specialised landings pages. A lot of people are searching to coupons for cheaper prices, different landing pages are especially designed for different customers.
  4. Bring Free Traffic: If you want traffic from Search Engines, besides organic traffic, you have to pay them in the advertisement parts such as google adwrods. But more websites with different domains can bring you more natural clicks and SEO clicks.
  5. Restricting Competitors: Registering more than one domain name for your company can help avoid your competition from registering a similar domain name, restricting your online reach.
  6. Search Engines: A website which has multiple domain names attached to it is a lot easier to find.  Your prospects would prefer having more than one way of finding you when using search engines.
  7. Protection of Brand: Protection of your brand and online identity is essential for any business online. Securing a variety of names will inevitably boost your brand presence and prevent others from hijacking your company’s presence.
  8. Search Engine OPtimization: Keyword rich domains can play a important part in a search engine optimistation (SEO) plan and will no doubt increase traffic and search engine discoverability. Normally google rank website that have more backlinks higher. You can set up a lot of websites in the same cache from different web hosting providers to make your main website rank higher. This is some kind of white hat SEO technologies and also very effective website promotion methods.
  9. Different company information to different customers: It is necessary for specific taste customers, for example, some for investors, some for public, some for one cache customers, some for other cache customers and some for
  10. Buy and Sell domain names – you can buy a domain name and then sell it.
  11. domain name worth more than 10,000USD


Registering a domain name is a very easy and inexpensive task.

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    Thanks for your wonderful tips about the reasons for registering multiple domain names for a single business. I could see how having so many benefits of registering multiple domain names for a single website, especially for misspelled domain names. It is rather convenient for a user to be directed to the page you’re looking for even if you misspelled a letter or two from the URL.

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