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How to Find your Assocates in Your USANA Hub Account to Grow-up Your USANA Business

When you joined USAN Distributor network through our website one month ago, you should have some downline associates. When you joined USANA Distributor network half year ago, you should have dozens of downline associates. When you become USANA distributor one year ago, you should have more than one hundred downline associates.

It is your responsibility to persuade your downline associates to buy usana health products for their health. Even several dollars will be good enough for your usana business.

Some associates ask how to find their downline associates. You can login to your usana hub account and you can find your account sidebar likes:

Click “Share USANA Media Center” and you will go to a website usanacommunicationsedge.

you will get your associates’ phone number and email address.

Please phone them or email them to discuss how to increase your usana business income. For more information, please check how to become usana associate


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