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Web hosting: Definition, benefits and characteristics

How to make a website is probably the first question posed by every new webmaster. After all, the foundation you use to create your site will determine the flow and growth of your online project.

Web Hosting (also known as hosting) is a service provided to users and companies, so that they can store and distribute images, video, information or any web content on the Internet, using information technology (IT) infrastructure external to the of the contractor. The companies that offer this type of services are usually called hosting companies or hosting providers. These companies offer IT infrastructure to store files, pages and content, with high-speed Internet connections and bandwidth so they can be distributed on the Internet. In addition to the dissemination of content using web servers, Web Hosting has evolved to provide users and businesses with mail servers, databases and even applications under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Cloud computing (Cloud Computing) are evolved and managed figures of what were initially only hosting services.

What web hosting consists of?

The Web Hosting provider offers the service to “host” these pages in their own infrastructure of servers and Internet connections; this allows many companies to share the cost of fast Internet connections. In this way users and small businesses can store and publish their web pages and applications at a reasonable cost for their size and operations.

Hosting with domain names:

Every website needs a domain name so that it can be located and accessed on the Internet, hosting providers allow you to associate your websites with domain names that you have previously acquired (for example .com, .org , etc.) and provide you with the necessary instructions to modify the registry. Even if you have not yet purchased the domain name, Web Hosting providers offer you the service to register your domain name and automatically associate it with your website.

Need of web hosting:

If you need an Internet presence for any purpose, for example if you are developing a new App for Android or iOS, you need to promote your stores and products, share resources and communications in a project, you will definitely need a presence on the web. A Web Hosting service is an inexpensive way to achieve this web presence, and you can scale according to your needs. One of the advantages is that you can change to higher requirements plans as your business grows, for example you can start with a minimum plan if you initially own only 50 visits a day, then as your business grows and you receive more visits, you can change to plans with greater bandwidth and storage space.

Characteristics of web hosting services:

Initially the Web Hosting service consisted of little more than a disk space for you to place your website files, and a control panel for the web server. Since then web hosting services have grown and evolved, offering multiple plans according to the user’s needs in terms of disk space, expected number of users and connection speed. Even today best website hosting service has integrated services such as webmail (email) and content managers such as WordPress and Joomla. Accommodation providers such as Bluehost offer the possibility of installing WordPress with a single click and have plans dedicated to the specific needs of WordPress users.

  • Usually wordpress hosting service plans start from the basics and go up in price according to the following characteristics:
  • Number of websites supported.
  • Storage space.
  • Number of domains and subdomains.
  • Space for electronic mail storage.
  • Dedicated IP.
  • Backup automation.
  • Website automation (Development of websites without programming).
  • Content managers (WordPress, Joomla, etc).
  • Integration of electronic commerce.
  • Private virtual servers.
  • Hosting dedicated.
  • The more of these features you select, the more expensive the web hosting plan will be.

Types of web hosting:

The types of best hosting for wordpress offered can be:

  • Shared accommodation.
  • Accommodation for resellers.
  • Virtual private servers.
  • Hosting dedicated.
  • Hosting administered.
  • Lodging not administered.
  • Web hosting in the cloud.

The managed or unmanaged hosting defines the degree of involvement of the hosting provider, under managed services the provider is responsible for the administration of the server while in the unmanaged the provider simply provides the server and delivers its administration to the client.

Advantages of web hosting:

Hiring a web hosting service means giving a third party control over part of your IT infrastructure, however, this has many advantages, such as:

  • You share the same storage and bandwidth resources with other companies, which lowers costs for you.
  • The provider deals with the administration and maintenance of the infrastructure and connection with the Internet, so in practice this “stops being your problem”.
  • The provider has expert people and proven effective procedures, which results in the service being of better quality than you could provide with its own infrastructure.
  • Your website will be online permanently as providers often have redundancy systems and automated backup procedures.
  • Technical support: You have to go to in case of problems with your server or website.

How to install wordpress on godaddy?

Installing WordPress using GoDaddy Hosting Connection is the easiest way to get WordPress to operate your domain. However, if you wish, you can install it manually in your shared hosting account.

To achieve this, you will need the following:

  • Hosting account compatible with PHP and MySQL.
  • Information to access your FTP account. This includes the username and password for FTP of your hosting account.
  • MySQL database for WordPress and its information.
  • Latest version of WordPress.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Hosting is the service to host webs so they can be accessed from the internet. Therefore, a WordPress Hosting is a web hosting service specialized in WordPress.

WP Engine hosting is not the typical basic managed wordpress hosting. Instead, they are developer-oriented and work hard to provide powerful features and services that you might want commonly on or when you are self-hosting.

You can choose your hosting services from top web hosting sites 2019.

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