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Domain Names Are The Currency Of This New World

Just imagine the world where there you can find the currency which is single accepted and that may also be used at any place on this world. Certainly, the concept might be quite surprising, but actually there is the commodity which is perfectly well on way to become the currency which is accepted globally. Now a day, domain names are treated as the commodity and so they might very soon become the currency which is accepted worldwide.

Many people think about the currency as a money which has been designated legally as such by the governing body. It generally entails the hard cash and some different possession which may also be traded and could also be exchanged by paying some amount. Few cultures also use more general and common definition about currency, like anything of the value which may be also traded. The Domain names usually meet few definitions of the currency as they may also be used as the vehicle to earn profits, even though unlike other conventional currencies which are never owned by the government and by the central bank.

It is important to mention that money is an important form of the currency which has been dominated in 20th century. The Paper money will get replaced with the most valuable metals like gold, starting the trend towards the currencies which are actually worth more than materials from where they are designed. Usually the most of money in this world is electronic which is held in the banks as the deposit money instead of the existing like the banknotes and coins. The Gold contracts now are getting exchanged far quite often as compared to the actual and physical gold, as well as the electronic currencies also taking the currencies of the real world. Electronic or the digital money and the domains would continue the updated trend by the process of replacing the symbolic paper money having the currency which is invisible and which is also virtual.

Domain names can also be an ultimate and possible asset for 21st century. The Domain names are basically the hot commodities in this tech-centric world. However, the online currencies as well as the electronic commodities are now getting important with an increasing trend. Buying the reputed and authorized domain names from is a great option for people who are looking to buy the domain either in the name of their business or something which is closely related to the business.

The Domain names may be already exchanged with each other for against the money, but this is possible that it would soon be get exchange with some different kind of the commodities. People usually are speculating in the domains in a similar way as these do with the shares and with the stocks, and also it is very much possible to purchase the offerings of the Initial Domain, which is much equivalent to the IPO’s.

Investment in Domain is even much similar to the investment in real estate, even though devoid of any threats related to the foreclosure, crisis of subprime crisis with economic failure. However, People might be taking the credit and even the mortgages against registered domain names.

Domains will also be soon be identified as the financial instruments which have the tangible value and similar kind of potential for the purpose of appreciation as different products of investment. They would start to appear in the mutual funds and will also be allowed to get traded by the domainer just similar to other investments. Domain names may soon become a new global currency.

The Domain names are basically the hot commodities in this tech-centric world. Where sale of $16 million related to the best domain names during the year 2009 might have also set the perfect record for entire world, but also the long domain names are regularly being sold for some hundreds of the dollars with each passing day and year. The result is completely unique opportunity mainly investors for the purpose for invest in the domain names which may also be sold for the profit in future.

You have now planned to take a plunge and to develop your website. Possibly you know precisely how you wish this to look and understand that someone who may design this for you. Though it is quite significant, have you ever thought for registering the domain name? Here, we need to understand that Domain names are basically just other piece of the websites brand. Devoid of the cohesive efforts of branding you will also have some pieces and bits but not the complete package.

Now the question is that what is the domain name?

The domain name basically is the address of your website and the email used through the customers for locating you company. The Domain names basically replace the IP addresses which are the unique numbers as they are quite simple to understand. The domain may have the numbers, hyphens and letters and maximum of 67 characters. Since you have also understood what is the domain and why is this significant? The Would-be buyers must carefully consider such risks prior to investing your amount in the domain names.

Certainly, there are different reasons that make domain name to be very important.

  • It helps to uniquely classify the website. Same domain name cannot be shared by 2 different companies
  • Domains are now getting synonymous with the business itself.
  • It Gives business with the professional appearance
  • It may also result in the enhanced traffic of search engine
  • It also allows you having the email addresses with your domain name
  • Initial thing that many customers would usually come across when they get to know that you are online
  • Enhances the recognition of businesses name

Let us understand that how to choose the domain name:

  • You need to choose the name which is simple to pronounce
  • The Domain name must be usually very short as it is possible
  • You should always pick the domain name with .com in case it is available
  • The domain name you choose should be MEMORABLE and effective
  • You can also relate the name of the domain to the businesses name as well as the products which you are offering
  • Select the name of domain which is simple to remember

Creating the Solid Domain Portfolio

Building the high-quality of the domain portfolio might take months or years to accomplish. Usually, the main point is looking ahead to what the domains might become famous in near future and also hedging through various numbers through purchasing several other domains. Rest others might also choose to buy the few much high profile domains as well as sit on them by hoping the much appreciated value.

Standard Names

Certainly, words which describe the service or the product, includes new as well as highly emerging products, which may also be considered as the great investment. Though, this is quite significant to avoid any kind of copyright and the trademark concerns that might result in the forfeiture of domain.

Topographical Names

Keeping the names of the countries, cities, includes the up-coming locations, may be really a great investments for the time which may also be sold to the web developers searching to build the community portals and other businesses that are centered on such communities.

Company Names

General business names, like the chiropractor or dentist, can be wonderful investments while it is combined with various geographic names.

Names of Times

The Timely names may be wonderful investments while it is combined with the events occurring in this year, like

Selling and Buying the Domain Names

Basically, there are various different ways to purchase and to sell the domain names. Various standard registrars of domain, like, this will facilitate the purpose of sales through auction. In the meantime, dedicated websites are also well designed entirely to sell and buy the domain names. Eventually, parking domains having the sale page is considered to be a wonderful way of drawing the targeted interest from the prospective buyers.

Set Cost

Yes, setting up the particular price is the desired method for the purpose of domain sellers which have a huge portfolio of the domains and aren’t in the rush of selling the domain name.

Bidding and Auction

Auctions are considered to be some great way for the purpose to sell high profile domain names when there is great amount of interest, as they specifically result in highest price possible.

Create an Offer

Make the offer sales that are perfectly suited for the niche domains which may also not have great interest and where actual worth of the domain are not well known.

How you can Master Online Auctions to get quick Cash

Is there any Risks for Investing in the Domains?

There are several risks which would-be the domain investors that must cautiously consider prior to selling and buying of the domain names. The 3 biggest risks here are liquidity, legality and subjectivity, but there are even several other that are ranging from the misleading appraisals and the faulty payments to escrow. The Would-be buyers must carefully consider such risks prior to investing your amount in the domain names.


Many bonds and stocks can be sold and bought with great ease, but domain names will be quite difficult to sell. Looking for the suitable buyer is generally the matter of listing the sale for various months and also for the years, this means that the investors must have the long time horizon and ability to create the loss.


The Domain names may certainly be the sticky business with regard to the legal standpoint. Picking the names which are quite much close to the trademarked name may also result in the lawsuit as well as the court order that could also forfeit domain name completely free of cost. In some different cases, the stolen domain names may even be sold prior that the buyer has an ability of discovering the fact that they are not a real owner.


The Stocks may also be valued by discounted value related to the future cash flows, though the bonds may also be valued by the interest rates and by the coupon payments. The Domains are quite much subjective valuation which may also be really difficult to pinpoint. Moreover, so-called the domain appraisers are also perfectly known to issue the lofty valuations which may also be really difficult to realize.

Bottom Line

Like any other form of the investment, domain names also come with the own and particular set of risks. However, for the industrious investors that consider risks as well as returns carefully, domain names will also become the investment which is able to yields great returns, and also the exclusive way for diversifying their investments portfolio.

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